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EVENT| Annual Christmas party at The Rivoli Ballroom, London

BRIEF| To create an exclusive cabaret show with a 1920’s Great Gatsby theme. 


Arbonne is an International marketing company who frequently host internal networking and social events. Their consultants have seen a lot of live entertainment so we were flattered to be asked to create an exclusive ‘Great Gatsby’ themed cabaret show for the South East Region Christmas party. 


One of the most exciting factors of this party was the venue. The Rivoli Ballroom is one of the last remaining intact vintage Ballrooms. With the original features remaining, the ballroom is bursting with character and authenticity so we were very excited to hear the party would be held here. Our client wanted her party to be an ‘experience’ and wanted to capture the feel of the 1920’s. She had a strong idea of the type of cabaret show she envisaged and after a short site visit and a long chat, we were ready to start the ball rolling.  


It was important that the dancers costumes for this event were not only 1920’s but also fresh and glamorous. We made sure our costumes were set apart from the rest by adding bespoke sequin touches to add flair and bring them alive. It was essential to capture the vintage style of the era whilst also indulging in the glamour and opulence of the current Great Gatsby film and our client was delighted with the result! 

Gatsby Arbonne green.jpg
Burlesque 20s.jpg
10. IMG_7795 (1280x853).jpg

The costumes were of course a big feature for this event but we also spent a great deal of time on curating the cabaret show itself. After an expansive look at the 1920’s and also (having a terrible time of course) studying Leonardo Di Caprio and the Great Gatsby film, we created a fresh show that paid homage to both. This bespoke show featured dancers, singers, an award winning burlesque artiste and a vintage close harmony trio. The show was held together by our comedy host who introduced each act onto the stage and made sure the audience felt part of the experience. This project was a very special one to us and with the addition of a happy customer, this remains one of our favourites. 


Party that never killed nobody 




Hours of Researching the 1920s


Years since The Great Gatsby Book

“Planning a stylish night to remember, filled with excitement, surprises and laughter is not always an easy task but thanks to 5 Star Live our event was a complete ‘showstopper’. The  glamorous  dancers had everyone on their feet, the vocalists were exceptional and the whole production was professional and well organised. Thank you so much for all you did to make our celebration night so special.” 

Hettie Gifford, National Vice President, Aronne International

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