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BRIEF| To create a second show (to follow our first show) to tour 4 & 5* Hotels in the Balearics, Gran Canaria & Fuerteventura. 


Romantic Corporate Romantic are the biggest provider of hotel holiday entertainment in Europe, Cape Verde and for theatre tours and cruise ships. We have enjoyed a thriving collaboration with them for 4 years and following the success of our first show ‘The Jivettes’ we were asked to create a second show in order to meet supply and demand. 
We were given free rein to create something that would be fitting, fun, accessible and interactive for a global audience. When creating entertainment, our first step is always to consider the audience. The holiday makers of the Balearics & the Canaries want to be entertained, have fun and are looking to escape 'the norm'. With the focus on these factors, we created ‘La Vida Loca’ - a Latin-inspired show that’s fun, feel-good and encapsulates that ‘holiday feeling’. The music was very carefully selected and with different nationalities and age groups in mind, we made sure there was something for everyone. With the songs in place, we then worked on creating slick choreography to fit the Latin style and feel of the show. As the show started to take shape, then came the costume design and production and when everything came together, we were delighted with the end result. 

la vida loca 4.png
la vida loca 2.png
Feeling tropical in our new show for sum

Romantic Corporate were impressed with the new show and after a successful launch into the European holiday market, we were very satisfied to gain a large number of bookings for the season and also increase revenue for Romantic. 
Our goal, of course, is always a happy client but the ultimate aim is undoubtedly the enjoyment of the audience. 

“We go on many different holidays - 2/3 times a year. We have been coming  to  Grupotel  Mar de Menorca for a few years now and I have to say this is the  best Main Stage Show we have ever seen at the hotel. Loved it. We will be  seeing you  again  I hope!" Wayne  Damant, English Holiday Maker in Menorca.  


Spanish Islands


Months of Sunshine





“It's a pleasure to work together with you, and we hope to do it for a long time”

Tolo Pomar, Director, Romantic Corporate

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