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EVENT: Oxford Street store opening 

BRIEF: To provide an immersive entertainment experience for the opening of the Oxford Street Store.  

The Toy Store originated in the Middle East and wanted to expand by opening a store on Oxford Street, London. After meeting Mark, the CEO of the company about the type of opening he had in mind, I knew straight way that 5 Star Live would be well suited to the job.  They wanted the entertainment to cause a big stir, guerilla marketing style. They want to make it to the papers and arrive in London with a bang. After a few meetings and a lot of thought, we came to the decision that we would create a full day of ‘rolling’ entertainment that would be attention grabbing, immersive, interactive and represent the ‘fun’ of the Toy Store.  

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Toy Store line up.jpg

The day started at 10am and our performers were poised in the shop windows, ready to grab the attention of passers-by. A live window display is something totally unexpected and really drew attention to the store.  After the cutting of the ribbon, customers then flocked into the store and this is where the entertainment really began. Our 10 performers were all dressed as different characters and together, they created a toy parade. This explosive parade of individuals danced their way around the store in a moving, choreographed routine going up and down escalators, along aisles and around stands. This parade was led by the Toy Store mascot ‘Mr. Fun’ and included a juggling pirate, a dancing cheerleader, a tricking basketball player and a singing princess to name a few. In-between parades, each character spent time chatting, performing and interacting with the customers and especially the children. In addition to these pop-up parades and interactive sets, we also wrote a bespoke song for the Toy Store and our two ‘friends of Mr. Fun’ performed it, flashmob style at various points throughout the day.  


This was an incredibly fun day for both performers and customers and the atmosphere instore was electric! The energy of 10 live performers singing, dancing and interacting with customers created a fantastic buzz and gave everyone a day to remember. In addition, our bespoke toy parade experience was the perfect publicity vehicle and provided the papers with a lot to talk about. The Toy Store definitely landed in Oxford Street with a bang! 


Major Store Launch


Real Life Toys


Hours of Song Writing


Excited Children & Parents

“Working with 5 Star Live on the opening of our first European store was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. They came up with many of their own creative ideas for fun, theatre and entertainment; this included our own song that they wrote from scratch! The implementation on the day was energetic and professional. I would work with 5 Star Live again anytime!”

Gareth Marriott, UK General Manager, The Toy Store.

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